Friday, February 15, 2013

February Mini Quilt

Unfortunately preparing to put the house on the market has imposed some limitations on my fabric availability. It is boxed up and in the cupboard down the hall so I can't easily choose what I need for the mini quilts. I have decided that I will draw up designs only and leave the making til next year. I am hoping that we will be settled in a new home by then.
February is still Summer here and one of my favourite things about Summer is the variety of luscious fruits so the Feb mini is a basket of my favourite Summer fruits.

I did some searching for baskets of fruit in Google image and printed out several. Then I copied a basket shape and proceeded to load it with fruit. I had to look at some images of all my choices so I got the shapes just right.
I think it needs a little something on the right hand side to fill the gap just above the edge of the basket. Maybe I will put in a gift tag dangling from the handle with Feb 2013 on it.

From left to right:
Watermelon, apricots, raspberries, plums, bananas, mango, cherries, avocados and red grapes.

Here are the pattern sheets to download. Make sure you print out with no scaling or deselect fit to page.

Page 1
Page 1 reversed
Page 2
Page 2 reversed

The saga of my pattern download.
To get the reversed image for applique I have worked out that I need to scan the image as a jpg then reverse it and print it out with no scaling at 100%. Then I scan the reverse page as a PDF so you should be able to print out the PDF with no scaling so it prints out at the right size. I had to do it this way because the reversed jpg came out at some odd percentage for printing once I put it in the blog post but I can't make a reverse image with a PDF hence it goes jpg then reverse then scan again as a PDF. This is all so you can download and print as easily as possible. There is no point offerring a pattern that is too hard to make the right size. I think it only gives me a problem because I have drawn it on 12 inch paper and the scanner reduces it slightly to fit onto A4.


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